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Rainbow Bridge

josie and freya

Two's Company
Josie and Freya share their forever home

Millie  (aka Susie) who has been adopted by Liz and William in Suffolk, catching a few rays!

Ruby (aka Leaf) (on right) has been adopted by Claire and Ian of Fakenham. This is Ruby on her first day out to the beach with Jacks (another KGC hound). Ruby has settled in brilliantly and Jacks is very pleased with his new girlie!

Joey  (aka Joe) on holiday with his girl friends Pearl (white and black) who is another KGC hound and Molly.

Dottie trying to play with Mr Cloud, who is completely unbothered by her.

Rocky  went to live with Ingrid in Belgium in December 2010.

Misty (aka Mitzi) with two of her doggie family looking very smart in our KGC knitted jumpers.

Daegan  (aka Aston) who now lives with Gwen Plu in Belgium

Dudley smiling because he was getting loads of attention when he went to the filming at Muckross. He’s a very happy boy – and is still totally in love with Lucy (aka Lizzie).

Maeve lives with Kate, Ian and Harry in Co. Wicklow and their other KGC hound Thomas as well as Finn and Lola the lurchers. She also lives with 3 cats, 2 horses and 10 chickens. Maeve's favourite hobby is food and chewing anything she can possibly get hold of!

Finlay and Bess after the Cromer walk.

Dustin & Gemi  with their mum and dad June & John Sykes enjoying a day out at Cromer.

Beautiful Flo with her new mum Felicity at Cromer on the KGC sponsored walk.

This is Charlie  (aka Flurry) he was entered in the Companion Dog competition in the Rescue Dogs class. (He didn't have to do anything, just stand there and look appealing). The judge awarded him first place and commented that it was nice to see a good sized Greyhound for a change!

This is Bella,  she came to us as a foster in early 2009 and I couldn't bare to part with her. As I have been involved in the showing world in the past, I decided to register her with KC and enter her for CRUFT'S. It just goes to prove that there is a life out there after the racing is over. Pat Wells

Madge aka 'Magic' with her dad and new brother Trooper  also from KGC.

Sam with KGC lurcher Jack on Earlham Park in Norwich.

We are Elsie and Lulu  and we came to live with Ronnie and Clare, in West Cork. As you can see, we have settled in reallly well with them, and their other dogs, Theo, Ranger and Cooper. This photos was taken on our first day here, and since then we have been for walks in the forest, and have become part of the gang!

Robbie and Kylie who found their forever home with Dan and Amanda in Norfolk enjoy a day at the beach.

Madge aka 'Magic' found her forever home with Ciara in Norwich. Soon to have a new brother Trooper also from KGC.

with Debbie and Dean Smith his new Mum and Dad.

Mafi (whose nickname is Crazi Legs) with one of his family Luke, and his best friend Ellie. Mafi loves the snow, and he loves to go out sporting his new wax jacket. Mafi lives in Cawston with his big family, and he loves to hog the beds!!!!!

Herbie loves chasing around the garden in the snow.

Archie now lives in Norwich, Norfolk with Hayley, Richard & Belle, together with their other KGC hounds Ruby and Mo. His mum says "Here Archie is loving his freedom and his recall is fab! At play at the Roman Ruins, Casiter St Edmunds in Norfolk".

Robin loving the snow on the beach at Caister on Sea, Norfolk. Such a good boy and doing really well in his new home by the sea with Chris, Berni and family.

Falbala aka 'Luna' and her mum Frieda, who lives in Germany.

Bluey aka Blackbird (right) found her forever home in Ireland with Brian Conneely and family, they unexpectedly met up with Amanda and her family while walking on a beach in Ireland.

Phoebe found her forever home with Jeanette in Norwich.

Christy's 'Mum' Jenny says "He is a very outgoing - sociable animal, he just loves being out and about".

Hugo (aka Casey) found his forever home with Donna and Lee Morgan and their family at Horning, Nr Norwich, Norfolk. Hugo won "Best Family Dog" and "Overall Best in Show" at Horning Fete in August 2009.

Bess (aka Vespa) who now lives with Christine and Peter, near Norwich in Norfolk is playing with her best friend Ben who is another KGC hound.

Herbie who now lives with George and Mabel Wood in Northamptonshire won 2nd place in age group at the Great Greyhound Gathering in Nottingham in September 2009.

Maisie a whippet X found her forever home Vicki Barron and Mark Shepstone near Norwich in Norfolk. Here she is showing of her first place rosette which she won in our Summer Dog Show for the dog with the waggiest tail.

Mo aka Mandy (top) now lives with Hayley, Richard and Belle Pattrick in Norwich, Norfolk along with their other KGC hounds Ruby (also pictured) and Archie.

Aimee found her forever home with Sarah and Robert Hall near Norwich in Norfolk.

Rainbow now lives with Tim Powell and his family in Bristol.

Pooka went to live in Cheltenham with Angela and her other hound Lady.

Sultan and Figaro now live with Steve and his Mum Valerie and their cat in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Mia found a forever friend with Buster and his family Anne, Ian and Kieran.

Dave aka Bomber relaxing in his foster home before finding his forever home with Helen and her family in Beccles.

Dante is now known as Archie and he lives with Ann and Fred in Norfolk.

Bouncer found his forever home with the Hicks family in Trunch, Norfolk where he has become a much loved member of the family.

Layla was adopted by Angie and John who describe her as "a real little princess". She is pictured here sitting on her 'throne'!

Homer is now called Homa and he now lives in Linconshire with Lorraine and her other dogs Keira, Tex and Neo.

Ruby (Roo) shares her sofa with Merlin in their forever home with the King family in Norfolk.

Patrick was renamed Seamus and shares his forever home with Trevor and his two other KGC hounds Paddy and Finn.

Misha now lives in London with Steve and Fiona another greyhound called Hawk.

Brooke headed off to Germany to find her new home. She now lives with another greyhound called Terence and enjoys daily walks on the banks of the Rhine!

Womble found her forever home in Norfolk with a family who loves sailing.

After being found in a field shortly after this birth, Doogan found his forever home in Scotland with David and Alison. 

 Horse and Polly emigrated to New Zealand with their 'Mum and Dad' and now live on the Kapiti coast near Wellington.

Sonic now lives with Brian, Jean and a lurcher called Joey. He is a really placid boy who purrs when he gets rubbed under his chin!

Marina made the long journey to Italy where she found her forever sofa.

Derek is now known as Finn and lives in Bristol with Trevor and Jackie and their four other dogs (one of whom is Paddy, another KGC dog). He enjoys regular trips to the seaside. 

Harley the pup has now grown into a big and healthy boy who loves to run on the beach thanks to Dawn and his new family.

Christy found his forever home in Ludlow, South Shropshire with Jenny.

Eva and Joey had a long journey to the Netherlands where they now live with together with Erna.

Spark went to live with his new family in Devon.

Tara went to live in North Norfolk with Val and her new little friend Pippa the JRT.

Poor Wisp went to live with Catherine but now has to share his forever sofa! 

Maggie now lives with Margaret and Peter and Tamsin their lurcher.

Ringo was found injured and was nursed back to full health. He now lives in Downham Market in Norfolk and loves to run on the beach.

Paddy  was  one of four lurcher pups who were found in a bag on a road in Ireland.  Paddy is now very happy with his new family in Bristol. He lives with Jackie and Trevor and their  two other dogs and eight cats!

Chocolate found a home with two other Kerry Greyhounds with Karin and her son Arthur in Austria. Her nick-name is 'sugar-doll'.

An honorary greyhound, Blue went to live with Tamsin. She says his favourite place is on the sofa with the kids which proves that while he may not be a greyhound on the outside, he's definitely one on the inside! 

Frank went to live with Beate in Germany. He now lives with two rescued spanish galgos.

Rosie smiles in her new home in Horning, Norwich.

Sasha now lives in Austria with Karin and Arthur and their two other KGC hounds. She is known as their 'dancing girl'.

The handsome Todd was adopted by his foster-parents Astrid and Peter and now shares his home with two other greyhounds called Autumn and Congo.

Connie is now known as Bonny and lives with Stephanie and her new friend Mr Jingles!

Ginny was found starving in a carpark in Ireland. She now lives a happy and spoiled live with Maud.

Ben is settling in well with his new 'Mum and Dad' Jayne and Bob in Norwich and seems to have become a Man. Utd. fan!

Zoe now lives with Jayne and Terry and she shares her forever home with three other dogs Murphy, Alfie and Ellie.

Liam went to live with Ruut in Finland and it was love at first sight for them both

Paudie is now known as Tristan and he found his forever home with Evina and a Yorkshire Terrier called Zouzouna

Jay-Jay is now called Nero and lives with Hermann Wandinger south of Nurnberg in Germany.

Derek and Bronwen have adopted Dillon (aka Bill) the lurcher puppy.  Dillon got on well with their dog, Polly and really took to Derek!

Rex found his forever home with Eva Carlsson and her family in Sweden. He likes to sunbath and sleep in the car when they do on trips. Eva says "we love him so much and can't think of a life without him".

Athens the puppy is now called Ruby and lives with Hayley and Richard in Norwich. Her mum says she is full of mischief! Ruby shares her home with a 15 year old cat named Misty. Ruby is a typical greyhound in that she sleeps most of the time! She love to run down at Whittlingham Lake, is extremely friendly and loves other dogs. Hayley says that "Ruby has settled into her new home from day one and it's like we've had her forever!"

Here's Astra with her new Mum (Monica), Dad and canine sister Senda (a spanish galgo) after her long journey to her new home in Italy.

This is a photo taken of Jensen on the day of his arrival in Italy with his new 'Mum and Dad' Giorgio and Alcida.

The beautiful Missy found her forever home with Yvonne Doherty in the UK.  She has settled in really well and is learning what love is all about.

Constantine the puppy is now called Keva and now shares her new home with Jules and her 4 cats, 2 rabbits, 6 guinea pigs and lots of fish!  They all live on the Norfolk coast where Keva has been introduced to the delights of the beach which has become her favourite place (apart from the sofa of course!)

Ty (the black boy on the sofa) went to stay in Sue's house as a foster dog and set about stealing her heart.  Ty is now a permanent member of Sue's canine family and he is now known as Winnie. 

Paddy and Mouse share a sofa in Mikael's house in Sweden.  Mikael's sofa now boasts four hounds from Kerry Greyhound Connection!

Heres Josie and Freya with new owners Val and David.  They now live in Hertfordshire and have holidays in Cromer where the dogs love to run on the beach.

Mist is know known as Maisy. She had to have her leg removed in December 2006 due to cancer. She made a full recovery and was adopted by her fosterers Mary and Richard.  Maisy shares her home with 2 cats. 

Shanna stole the hearts of Jan and John in Co. Carlow, Ireland. She now shares her home with a gorgeous lurcher named Kizzy.

Robin and Glo happily share their forever sofa in the home of Sylvia Bird in Northern Ireland.

Tom found a home with Kate Gisborne and her family in Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.  Tom shares his home with Kate's other dogs and a cat!

This photo of Bracken shows him 'roaching' in front of the Christmas tree! He was formerly known as Woody but now lives with Irene in Dingle, Co. Kerry.

Tillie now lives with Sara and shares her forever home with Allie the cat and a flock of chickens!

Tully is now happy in his forever home with Lorraine and Dave in Norfolk.

This handsome boy used to be nervous and quiet until he went to live with Sally and her greyhound Patch in Cambridge.  Now, Mikey is described by his Mum as "not timid, shy or quiet anymore!  He's a howling, teenage hooligan with a cheeky grin and a big heart!" Looks like it's happy ever after for Mikey.

Here's a picture of Conor and his new 'girlfriend' Rosie.  They live with Trevor in Norwich and look extremely happy.

Barney came to Kerry Greyhound Connection with his mum and four siblings as a 5 month old puppy. He is know known as Charlie and lives with Sally and Dave and a Labrador named Tess in Antingham where he is affectionately referred to as the 'teenage tearaway'!

The beautiful brindle girl in the bed is Kesty who went to live with Imelda Quinlan in Amsterdam. They now live in Italy with Imelda's other hounds Gitana and Vibor. They are hoping to return to Ireland soon and adopt another Kerry Greyhound!

Blue found her forever home with Dawn and her two blue cats. On her second day in her new home Blue was found sharing her dinner with one of the cats!

Poppy, a beautiful blue girl found her home with Sue Herbert and her other dogs in the UK.

Martha was rehomed with Geraldine in Scotland in 2005. Here she as with Geraldine's Dad at the Killarney Dog Show in 2006 doing her bit for Kerry Greyhound Connection!

Conor found his forever home with Mikael in Sweden.  Conor shares his home with Mike's cats and other Kerry Greyhounds!  Conor is a brother of Chloe who was also adopted through Kerry Greyhound Connection.


This is Chloe.  She went to live with Neo, another KGC dog, as a foster while she gained some confidence. Her foster family fell in love with her cheeky personality that they decided to keep her as their 'forever hound'.

Moment, now known as Aspen found his 'forever sofa' in the home of Sarah and Myles in Co. Wexford, Ireland.  He now shares his sofa with Hazel, another Kerry Greyhound.

This is Neo (formerly Tadie) relaxing in his new home. He now lives with a lovely family in Carlow, Ireland and they report that his personality is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Willow was one of the first dogs to be rehomed in the UK when we became Kerry Greyhound Connection. She is now in a wonderful new home in Norfolk and has earned the nickname Mrs. Grommit due to her love of snaffling cheese when she thinks no one is looking!

Faerie is a most loveable 7 month old greyhound pup handed in to us as she was no good for racing due to a knee injury. With our help she now lives with Mary in Norfolk where she is now called Poppy.

This is Harry and Rosie who were rehomed together as they had bonded so well. They are now in an extremely loving home with two wonderful people, Fran & Sarah, in Norfolk.

This is Bluey. A beautiful 10 year old lady who sadly spent most of her life kept in a shed. Thanks to KGC she is now living in a wonderful new home on the Isle of Wight with Sally and her new best friend, a Norfolk terrier called Kevin!

This is Tom who now lives with Ann-Mari and her family in Finland.  Tom happily shares his home with Atena, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and especially loves to play in the snow!  In fact, he loves water of all types!

Grey and Pearl, now called Hector and Ollie, have gone to live with Dorothy, Shane and their eight children in County Down in Northern Ireland.  The dogs settled in so quickly it seems to be a match made in heaven!

This is Zak. He found his forever home with Louise and Andrew in Bridgewater, Somerset. They were won over by his laid back manner and handsome face.  They say he has gone from being a top racer to a great family pet.

Sparkle, now known as Riley with members of her new family in Norfolk, UK. They have reported that she has settled in extremely well and is a "perfect dog". That's a 'perfect' report!

This is a story I am sure all you greyhound lovers will understand! After arriving at our foster kennel in the UK Taig looked ready to be rehomed swiftly. Unfortunately, his new home fell through at the last moment. Horror, what now? Fortunately, our foster mum in Norfolk, Jean, had totally fallen for him, regardless of already having five of her own greyhounds (that's right, five!) and he has now become her sixth!!!

Faith was a very nervous, scared and flea ridden  8 yr old girl when she came to the attention of Kerry Greyhound Connection. She is blossoming in her new home in Norfolk with Helen, Charlie and Ed.

Bruce now resides in Norfolk with his new family  He loves to run on the beach and in the sea!

Blondie and Murphy (who is known as Smurf) found their forever home with Jill Saunders who runs the Norfolk branch of Kerry Greyhound Connection. Blondie is a lurcher who was found wandering the streets in Dublin. Now both dogs help out with settling the foster dogs in their home!


Cloud and Misty now live together in their forever home in Finland!


Seamus jetted off to Germany to live with Silke and her other hounds.

Daisy was rehomed with another greyhound called Leo in Norwich. We have been informed that in her 'spare time' Daisy loves to watch TV!

Beauty is now known as Maddie and lives in Norwich in the UK with a collie cross for compamy.

Flower, a gorgeous black and white girl, found a home with Daniela in Germany.  She is now known as Kayleigh.

This is Henry relaxing on his forever sofa.  The sofa used to belong to Rosemary but now belongs to Henry! He has been known to share his bed with Toby and Boris who are Rosemary's cats!

The beautiful Belle stole the heart of her foster-mum Jill Saunders who runs the Norfolk branch of Kerry Greyhound Connection. Belle has now became a permanent fixture in the Saunders family!

erry Greyhound Connection

operates through a network of volunteers to rehome greyhounds in Ireland and the UK