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Rainbow Bridge

josie and freya

Two's Company
Josie and Freya share their forever home

If you would like a photo of your Kerry Greyhound included in Hounds at Home page then please send a photo of your hound with their name and a description of the photo to

Millie (formerly Bluebird Susie) in her new home in Suffolk, and no, of course she’s not allowed on the bed.

Chelsea relaxing in the garden. She enjoys listening to the birds and smelling the flowers.

Joe, now called Joey who adopted Stuart and Pip last April, 'helping' with the knitting.

Dylan (aka Rufus) has been rehomed with Jackie and Trevor of Bristol. He lives with several other dogs - including 5 other KGC hounds

Mr Palgrave of Blofield adopted this beautiful but terrified dog in February 2010 and all she wanted to do was hide away from everybody and everything. It has taken a long while and a lot of kindness and patience to win her trust. But just look at her now.

Suzy (Cu) has really settled well since she went to live with Chatherine in Sept 2009. They now call her "princess Suzy" as she seems to have taken over the house! She loves her toys and especially her sofa where she stretches out most evenings. Everyone who meets her is totally smitten and she thoroughly enjoys the attention! Catherine can't imagine life without her now.

This is Bambi who has been adopted by Helen of Norwich. Bambi really is a stunning looking girl.

Dora is the latest Kerry Greyhound to be adopted by Alex and Heather of Norwich.

Beth who has been adopted by Alex and Heather of Norwich has certainly found her forever sofa.

Blaze has also been adopted by Alex and Heather in Norwich. I'm sure you'll agree that Blaze is a very handsome boy.

This is 'Happy' (aka Heppsybar), she's settled into her new home and loves her new brother Jack. She's made lots of new friends large and small and whimpers to see her next door neighbour every day at the garden gate. Thanks for letting us adopt her, I'm sure she'll be HAPPY for the rest of her days.

This is a picture of Katie who was adopted during January after being fostered by Sylvia and Dave in Antingham, Norfolk. She shares the settee with Charlie who is also a Kerry Greyhound. She loves to be taken for walks in the country with Charlie and Dave is also allowed to go with them.

Tia who has been adopted by Nicola and Alan of Cromer is having difficutly trying to decide which toy to pounce on next!

Tia having kisses and cuddles with her new dad.

Callie has certainly settled in well and now knows the true meaning of 'home comforts'.

Callie adopted by Jan and Al of Sporle having a cuddle with her new dad.

Rocky sharing the sofa with his new brother in Belgium.

Another photo of Lucy and her boyfriend Duds.

Bubble, now Bobby has been adopted by Sharon and John and lives in Cromer, Norfolk with another KGC hound Manny.

This is Betty who has been adopted by Carol and Robert Firby of Littleport, Cambs. Betty has settled in very well and is loved lots.

Beau, now Bonnie and her teddy.

Miller loves his cuddly toys and has a 'mad half hour' every now and then. Blakey is more partial to his squeaky toys! They are both couch potatoes and absolutely love their cuddles. They've slotted into our lives like an old pair of slippers.

Here is Buster & Benji who went to live in Belgium.

Buster & Benji's mum and dad have said "First of all thanks for saving lots of greyhounds ! keep up the good work".

“Daddy” being licked to death by Duds and Lucy.

Here's Mitzi (now Misty) with her new doggie friends in her Forever Home!! Monty and Frosty the Daschunds, Angel the blue Greyhound and Pepper the Whippet.

Here is Dottie with her best friend, Hamish, who sadly has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They loved each other dearly and he thought that she had the best set of pins he'd ever seen.

.Lucy (aka Lizzie) found her forecer home with Joanna & Jim Kingham in Ireland.

Frank and Casadina found their forever home with Beate and Jessie another KGC hound in Germany, Beate says "Frank is our big baby and Casadina a great clown".

. This is Jessie who also lives in Germany with Beate. Beate calls Jessie their 'little princess'.

Charlie (who was named Flurry) has found a home with Tammy the Staffy in Cromer. Tammy is boss dog!

. Morissey found his forever home with Michael and Derek in Norfolk.

Bono (aka Mattie) found his forever home in Belgium with Myriam

Fergus (aka Brandon) found his forever home with Judith and Andy and now has a new best friend called Charlie.

Binks (aka Davey) right and Bella centre have been rehomed with Pat and John near King's Lynn in Norfolk. Together with Rascal (foster dog) left they are helping with the festive decorations!

Alfie (aka Larry) found his forever home with Simon and Wendy Hall and their family in East Dereham, Norfolk.

Jacks found his forever home with Claire and Ian Jarvis and their family from Fakenham in Norfolk. This is Jacks with their other dog Daisy. Claire says "Jacks has settled in really well, and all the family love him to bits".

Malachy (aka Barney) has been rehomed with Jackie and Trevor of Bristol. He lives with several other dogs - including 4 other KGC hounds, Sylvie who can be seen in the backgound, Paddy, Finn and Seamus.

This is Annie, now rehomed in Norwich with Lisa Norman and her two children.

Bentley has settled well in his new home with Chrissie and Tony Underwood in Suffolk.

This is lovely Sam previously know as Danny. He found his forever home with Sarah in Dublin. Sarah says "I got him from Amanda in Ireland at Pet Expo and he has made himself at home. He loves to just laze about all day. Here he is in bed with his daddy".

Aimee's 'mum and dad' Sarah and Robert says "We have all lost our slippers and socks and every ball or blanket in the house! She takes them back to her many beds!"

Dream and Freddie now live with Axel and Sabine Roth in Germany

Hugo's (aka Casey) 'mum and dad' Donna and Lee say "Just to let you know, Hugo has settled in very well and loves our 4 cats and two children! He has the best settee as his own and can usually be found upside down on it or with his nose in the fridge".

Sonic is saying 'please, I am so comfortable and sleepy, you can come on the sofa later'.
Pooka helps herself to a snack.
Rainbow struggles to get comfy on her Dad's knee.
Cookie and Ben winning prizes at the KGC fun day in Holt.

Archie gets a cuddle from his 'Dad'.

Sultan and Figaro aren't just cat-friendly hounds, they're fish-friendly too!

Joey and Eva cooling down in the shade with their friends.

Joey and Eva cool down in the Netherlands.

Sisters Keva and Ruby meet up at the KGC Fun Dog Show.

Tia, Annabelle, Ruby, Rosie and Richard venture out in the snow.

Getting comfy - Bouncer style!

Layla shares her bed with Bertie.

Homer, Tex, Neo and Keira enjoy some tea!!

Roo gets a 'hug' from her best friend Merlin.
It doesn't look comfy but Henry insists it is!!
Misha settles in for a snooze

Seamus and his teddy having a nap.
Poppy Mum Mary says that her dog loves to eat  yoghurt, cheese, butter, bread, sprouts, cabbage, carrot and marzipan but it does tend to get tiring after a while!
Tully has so many beds, he's worn out from choosing which one to sleep in next!
Finn looking gorgeous in the garden.
Harley at full speed.
Joey and Eva enoying a walk with their 'Mum'  Erna in the Netherlands.
Ringo brings his ball for a run on the beach in Norfolk.

Paddy is intent on 'killing' his purple gorilla!
Mouse enjoys her first visit to the beach

Ginny struts her stuff on the
cat dog walk!

Ginny comes 3rd in a 'prettiest bitch' competition! Well done Gin (and Maud)!!!
Sasha gets comfy Chocolate and Sasha

Tom checks to see if Johanna and Kajsa (shes behind all the legs) are catching any fish.
Todd loves to snuggle with his elephant and play with soft toys!
Todd gets a cuddle from his mum, Astrid
Frank relaxing in true greyhound style
Poor Frank has to share his sofa with a couple of spanish galgos
Poor Frank has to share his bed aswell!
Chocolate and Sasha in their favourite place, a matress under the stairs in the living room Tom plays with his new toy

Tom loves to swim when he visits his 'grandparents' summer house in Finland. He loves it so much he has been known to refuse to get out!
Rex (in the middle) waiting patiently
Freya does her impression of the Andrex puppy! Rex relaxing after a hard day

Horse and Polly with their Dad, smiling for the camera
Neo being used as a pillow by Yogi the pit bull puppy

Chloe on Christmas Day 2007

Neo getting into the Christmas spirit
Dex goes for a run with the horses on Holkham beach Polly getting comfy on the sofa
Horse and Polly share a sofa Polly lets her toys know who's the boss
Rosie just jumps right in! Harry on the beach
Henry lets his kittenbuddy walk all over him!  Harry smiles for the camera

Zoe (on the left) loves going up to the forest with her new brothers and sister Murphy, Alfie and Ellie.
Tristan and Zouzouna the Yorkie

Dillon and Ben during a rare 'quiet moment'
Keva (formerly Constantine) with her little brother Fonzie after the KGC sponsored walk - they were both knackered and only woke long enough to eat their tea and then went straight back to sleep until 6 a.m. the next morning!!
Poor Ginny managed to get herself stuck into a swamp. She was feeling very sorry for herself after a bath so she jumped into bed and went to sleep! Sisters Ruby and Tess meet up again for a walk
Ruby gets comfy on the sofa Rex's dreams seem  to be happy ones
Rex practices walking on water Rex learns to swim in case he the 'walking on water' thing doesn't work out
Jensen chills out in 'Italian style'

Jensen sticks out his tongue at the camera during playtime with his Dad
Breac displaying typical greyhound behaviour... sleeping!
Conor and Mouse have a greyt cuddle on Mike's sofa
Jazz and Holly get comfy on the duvet
Holly and her Dad have a cuddle
Poor Mouse appears to have been knocked unconscious by 'natural anaesthesia' from Paddy!!!!
Winnie lives life to the full in his new home

Murphy and Rambler out for a walk
Holly can't find a pillow so she uses Jazz instead!
Shelley and her friend Fleur catch forty winks
Ben learns the essential greyhound skill of 'fitting a big dog onto a small chair'.  A skill he quickly mastered!
Breac 'roaching' in front of the Christmas tree shortly after he arrived in his new home
Connie lets a human share her sofa!
Conor relaxing in his foster home
Connor giving his legs a quick stretch  
Milly wondering how long she is going to be allowed to sleep on the bed for
Neo catching forty winks in the garden

Neo wishing everyone in KGC a Merry Christmas 2006
Poppy getting comfy on the bed  
Tom has to share his bed
Tully dropping a hint that he needs a bigger bed
Aspen and Chloe take a rest from playing in the garden
Puppy refusing to share 'her' bed.  Chloe, Ginny and Neo having to share the other bed!

Robbie tries his best to settle into  his foster home

erry Greyhound Connection

operates through a network of volunteers to rehome greyhounds in Ireland and the UK